The Air Beautiful Travel Wellness Expert


If we can prepare & travel wisely,

we can prevent damage & re-enter our lives

feeling & performing our best.

AIR BEAUTIFUL advocates well-being throughout travel experiences through Snow's public programs. Self care workshops, talks on travel and relaxation tips, yoga/pranayama/meditation gatherings are some of her public programs, and are listed below. All the public programs are available "on the go". Please contact Snow to inquire about any of the "on the go" public programs.

AIR BEAUTIFUL educates future travel holistics specialists. Candidates will learn about well-being, its analysis, the theory and benefits of AIR BEAUTIFUL programs, travel related issues, and the development and implementation of a multidisciplinary treatment plan.

For more information, please contact Snow.





1/13(Sa) 7-9pm Group Meditation at SF Bay Area Healing Association

1/14 (Sun) 1pm - 5:30pm Self Care Dry Brushing Workshop at SF Bay Area Healing Association

1/16 (Tue) 6-7pm Self Care Talk: Natural Detox During Doyo
at SHIFT Integrative Medicine

1/18(Fri) -1/21(Mon) Shiatsu/Swedish Workshop in Bermuda

1/23 (Tue) 9-1pm Introducing Qi Power workshop at AIR BEAUTIFUL Hudson Studio

1/28 (Sun) 10am-2:30pm NCBTMB Self Care Dry Brushing Workshop at Swedish Institute

2/11 (Sun) 11am-1pm Introducing Lymphatic Self Care at Integral Yoga Institute NY

TBA (Sun) 11am-1pm Introducing Lymphatic Self Care at Integral Yoga Institute NY

4/6 (Fri) - 4/8 (Sun) Speaker, Ayurveda & Women’s Health Conference in Bethlehem, PA

4/10 (Tue) 10-1pm Self Care Workshop: How To Prepare for Spring Doyo at Swedish Institute

4/23, 30, 5/7 (Mon) 5:30-9:30pm AIR BEAUTIFUL Travel Massage Specialist Training (ABTMST) Part 1: Travel Prep and Recovery Massages at Cortiva, Hoboken, NJ

4/17 (Tue) - 5/22 (Tue) 5:30pm - 9:30pm AIR BEAUTIFUL Travel Care Specialist Training (ABTCST) at Swedish Institute


Oncology Bodywork

at the Swedish Institute

A Multi-Therapeutic Approach

Begins July 10, 2017

This ten class program will provide the LMT with a new arsenal of techniques to work with the cancer patient during any phase of their process. 

We will discuss the pathology of Thoracic Cancers (Breast and Lung) and Pelvic Cancers (Colon and Uterine). We will discuss surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and the recovery and hospice phases of treatment. We will explore bodywork approaches from a variety of modalities, including Medical Massage (Post-surgery issues, Radiation Scarring, Loss of Mobility), Hand and Foot Reflexology (Stress Reduction Protocol, Post-surgical protocol, Chemotherapy and Radiation Protocol) and Shiatsu treatment approaches. We will also discuss Lymphedema Cautions and Concerns, Ethics and Boundaries, Case Studies, and Professional Interactions. 

$1250 until June 22 ($1350 after)



Lymphatic Yoga Stretching

at the Swedish Institute

Tuesday July 18, 2017

Lymphatic Yoga Stretching aims to help promote immunity, cleansing from the tissue level, stress reduction, mental clarity, productivity, flexibility, and wellness of body and mind. 

This class provides: 

  • The information about lymphatic system and swelling
  • The benefits of lymphatic yoga stretching
  • Breathing practice
  • Lymphatic yoga stretching
  • Self massage

Experience of yoga is helpful, but not a requirement.





Prenatal Bodywork


at the Swedish Institute

Working with Pregnant Clients on the Mat

Tuesday, August 1 and 8, 2017

This course provides alternative ways to work with pregnant clients. Because there is no need to take off clothes or to get on the table, Eastern bodywork and Reflexology will allow your pregnant clients to enjoy a new variety in your prenatal massage therapy. 

The course is designed on the mat to explore strokes, stretches, sequencing, and transitions. Experience or practice of Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and/or Reflexology are not required. 




Ace the Big Clients

at the Swedish Institute

To Be Announced!

How do you work with your big clients without getting exhausted? 

Shiatsu is a beautifully eloquent, and at the same time, powerfully therapeutic modality in which a therapist can take advantage of the client's body weight as leverage. This course aims to utilize Shiatsu philosophy, moves, techniques, and body mechanics in every massage practice when working with big clients. 






Integral Yoga Level 2 Intermediate Class

at Integral Yoga Institute New York

11:15-12:45 on Mondays

227 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011



Vinyasa Yoga Class

at the Peninsula New York

7:00-8:00pm on Wednesdays

700 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Members and Hotel Guests Only



Yoga Connections

at the Rubin Museum 

WEDNESDAY, 4.13.16
7:00 - 7:45 PM 

Discover the connections between yoga and the traditions expressed in Himalayan art.

Yoga is a system of philosophy and practice that seeks to help people align their body and mind in order to transform their experience. One translation of yoga is “yoke,” the tool used to connect an ox to a plough. Like yoga, the art objects in our collection, intended for ritual purposes as well as aesthetic ones, seek to link the worldly and the transcendent.

On April 13th, 2016, Snow discussed a work of art that inspired a conversation about yoga,its philosophies, and its visual representations. A breathing exercise allowed participants to internalize the discussed concepts.