The Air Beautiful Travel Wellness Expert


AIR BEAUTIFUL provides premium one-on-one sessions before, during, and after travel by Snow or certified travel holistics specialists. An ultra premium one-on-one service in which Snow personally accompanies you on your travel, crafting and implementing a travel holistics program that specifically targets your concerns in conjunction with your travel itinerary, as well as your schedule before and after the travel. Premium one-on-one lifestyle sessions support your well-being in everyday life. Regular and steady lifestyle sessions help bring the optimization of clarity, compassion, presence, vitality, and resilience within you and collectively in our world.


AIR BEAUTIFUL reaches everyone who strives to make travel a pleasant experience through its signature products.

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AIR BEAUTIFUL advocates well-being throughout travel experiences through Snow's AIR BEAUTIFUL public programs. Self care workshops, talks on travel and relaxation tips, yoga/pranayama/ meditation gatherings are some of the public programs. All the public programs are available "on the go".

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AIR BEAUTIFUL educates future travel holistics specialists. Candidates will learn about well-
being, its analysis, the theory and benefits of AIR BEAUTIFUL programs, travel related issues, and the development and implementation of a multidisciplinary treatment plan.

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The concept of AIR BEAUTIFUL is simple. It is freedom to fly, freedom to travel without physical or mental limitations.

AIR BEAUTIFUL sees the five pillars of well-being: CLARITY, LOVE, PRESENCE, VITALITY, and RESILIENCE.


AIR BEAUTIFUL aims to balance and optimize those five pillars of well-being in order to allow everyone to travel comfortably; moreover, to successfully reach one's goals, to find happiness; and to fully enjoy the freedom of life. The following are some major ingredients that create the unique, innovative, and effective travel holistics program, AIR BEAUTIFUL.  




SHIATSU facilitates the smooth flow of qi energy throughout the body to achieve the equilibrium of the body and mind. Having been an apprentice to legendary Master Ohashi, who first introduced Shiatsu to the people in the US, and still maintaining a close relationship with him, Shiatsu is the closest to Snow's heart.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE awakens your vital force through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches with rhythmic pressure along energy pathways. Snow explored Thai massage deeply with multiple masters, including Coocky Tassanee Boonsom in Chiangmai.

SWEDISH & DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE are designed to work out areas of tension and muscle fatigue to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Snow is a faculty member of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, the country's oldest and most prestigious massage school.

ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES is the patented gold standard in soft tissues treatment for conditions with overused muscles. Snow is a formerly certified ART full-body and nerve entrapment treatment provider.

REFLEXOLOGY Snow's rhythmic pressure on your feet improves circulation, promotes detoxification, and balances your body and mind. Snow is an ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) certified reflexologist.

REIKI induces a meditative and healing state of mind, body, and spirit through this ancient technique. Snow is a Master Reiki practitioner.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Promotes the optimum lymphatic system for reduction of swelling, detoxification, and stronger immunity. Snow is a Vodder, Norton, and TAM certified Lymphedema therapist who can treat the patients using skin care, manual lymphatic drainage, compression garment, and physical exercise.

HATHA YOGA, PRANAYAMA BREATHING PRACTICE, & MEDITATION calm and clarify the body and mind. Snow believes that regular practice helps lead us to discover happiness, peace, and love within. Snow is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, and proud to be affiliated with Swami Satchidananda's Integral Yoga Institute where she has a weekly Hatha Yoga intermediate class in New York City. Trained by experts, including Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Robert Thurman, and Dr. Joseph Loizzo, Snow is also certified in leading mindfulness-based psychotherapy & self healing.

EXERCISES are essential for maintaining our wellbeing. Snow has been a certified NSCA and ACE personal trainer and ACE Health Coach to help people lose weight and change their lifestyle in a healthy manner.

COACHING comes to Snow naturally through her years of experience at finding good in every student and encouraging them to be their best. She is a HeartMath certified coach who can utilize the scientific and energetic power of the heart for personal development sessions.