Well-being While Traveling

Well-being is a multi-dimensional concept that can be observed from the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social, financial, and many other perspectives.  Well-being can include a sense of being balanced, centered, optimal, positive, happy, healthy, satisfied, connected, peaceful, and many other pleasant emotions and moods.  In simplest terms, well-being can be described as feeling good.  Well-being seems like a broad and abstract concept to work with.  

We can say that travel wellness is about feeling good before, during, and after traveling.  In order to achieve well-being around traveling, I wanted to present something substantial and measurable everybody can easily observe and work with.  I chose the five pillars of well-being: CLARITY, COMPASSION, PRESENCE, VITALITY, and RESILIENCE because I've seen those five qualities easily and often disrupted in case of traveling.  In other words, we can effectively optimize our well-being by monitoring and maintaining those five qualities when facing the challenge of traveling.  I'm so excited to discuss what each pillar means, what happens when it gets disrupted, and how to restore it.    

I also use the five pillars of well-being to observe and analyze my clients and to create each customized air beautiful travel wellness program.  The five pillars of well-being keep me and my clients on the same page and help us work together as a team to achieve the goal.  

It is my hope that the five pillars of well-being serves you as a vital tool to help you stay in control of your well-being while traveling.  


Snow ShimazuComment